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Young Marine Denied Right To Wear Uniform at High School Graduation


A young man in Petaluma, California, finished High School early and did not go through the graduation ceremony. Instead, he went through Marine Boot Camp. Now, it is time for him to get his diploma. Like the soldiers who fought in World War II and the Korean War, he would like to wear his Marine uniform to graduation instead of a cap and gown. The Petaluma school board, the district superintendent and the principal refuse to allow this young Marine/Graduate on stage without a cap and gown. The principal said “we’re only interested in education and not the military.” A grandfather told the principal that he had graduated from high school during World War II proudly wearing his uniform. The principal replied “the difference was that we were at war then.”

This young man wants to serve our nation. The Educrats want to put him down and his decision to serve in the Marines. Let the Educrats know that service in the military is a proud and honorable tradition. On Tuesday, please call the following people:

Mike Simpson -- Principal -- 707-778-4659

Superintendent -- Greta Viguie -- 200 Douglas St., Petaluma, Ca. 94952 707-778-4604 e-mail:

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