Democrats Make 'Public' School Pupils Shill for Kerry

Newsmax, 10/27/04

Latest reason why Johnny can't read: Instead of getting an education, children in Democrat-controlled Milwaukee's Democrat-controlled failed government school monopoly are being exploited to get out the vote for John Kerry.

The pro-Kerry educrats are allowing a left-wing outfit that calls itself Wisconsin Citizen Action Fund to pluck pupils from the classroom to go door to door in black neighborhoods that vote overwhelmingly Democrat and urge residents to go to the polls.

"The students, ranging in age from 11 to 18, also use phone banks to call homes and urge people to vote," the Associated Press reported today.

The aptly named Larry Marx, co-executive director of Wisconsin Citizen Action, denied partisanship ... even though the outfit openly supports Kerry.

Chris Lato, spokesman for the state Republican Party, noted the scheme was "a disgraceful use of taxpayer money."

"To spend this time on a clearly partisan effort when these kids should be in school learning is shocking," Lato pointed out.

No wonder Kerry now opposes the reforms of No Child Left Behind: He'd leave no child behind for his own exploitation in his relentless do-anything quest for power.