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11-Year-Old Patriot | July 15, 2004

Following in the revolutionary and freedom-loving footsteps of the Sons of Liberty and Paul Revere, an 11-year old Massachusetts boy has started a blog that exposes the liberal bias present in the American educational system.

You may also have noticed that I do not state my name. If you do not know yet, I am anonymous, the reason; I introduce you to the American public education system," he writes. "It does seem silly to hide the identity behind all of this work just because of a bureaucratic liberal public school but sadly this is exactly the case. I wanted to give you an idea on just how bad the liberal indoctrination in public schools is."

Thanks to a generous benefactor, "Emil Levitin," a pseudonym, has launched, which hosts his undercover blog.

He presented this picture of public education in the, area:

"As for indoctrination, the students of the public schools in my town are lectured almost daily about the blunders of George Bush and the social studies course is more of a Bush bashing one (e.g., a question: "What would a Taoist think of Bush?"). In the beginning of the school year we were asked who the president of the United States was and part of the class believed it was Al Gore, they were then brainwashed to jeer whenever the name George Bush is mentioned."

In his music class, he said that his teacher even "wrote a song against President Bush which we were supposed to sing in a concert along with other peacenik and environmentalist songs."

In history, the anonymous author said that the "percentage of time spent in History lessons on Islam was totally unproportional to the other topics (several months). The view of Islam was very favorable, as martyrs of crusades, in the past and in the present. The Middle East conflict was frequently discussed, with a prominent Palestinian point of view."

"[W]e are lectured every day about how President Bush has failed us," he added. "When we recently studied Islam, the instructor discussed the current Israel-Palestine conflict which was irrelevant to what we were studying. She of course only showed us the side of the Palestinians and eventually asked the Jewish people in the class to raise their hands. Still trying to figure this one out, is she thinking of organizing a mock suicide bombing against the Jews in our class?"

He also writes about the mind-numbing discrimination against gifted students he has encountered.

"In our public schools it has been decided that everyone should learn the same, no matter how educationally challenged, or gifted the student may be," he writes. "The [Massachusetts] Public School's have decided that because the schools are public there is no need for there to be a challenge to individuals who are gifted. They believe that everyone should learn the same thing. What is more, they rarely let talented individuals skip grades! Mr. Frank, this way we will never have excellent education, how many people, have you ever thought about how many people will be left behind? . Those people who need a challenge and are gifted . there will be no way for them to express their talent and if this happens there, talents may die. This is the Public School version of checks and balances!"

Another blog, which was inspired by a New York Times piece, talks about the political indoctrination Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's three sons received here in the !

"As Ignat [Solzhenitsyn] tells the story, on the morning after the presidential election he got a taste of American political re-education at the progressive private school he and his brothers attended. In response to the Reagan victory, the school's flag was lowered to half-staff, and the morning assembly was devoted to what today would be called grief counseling. The headmaster mourned 'what America would become once the dark night of fascism descended under the B-movie actor.'/P>

"At one point he interrupted himself to inquire if anyone present did not share his gloomy view of the Reagan victory," he writes. "The only students to raise their hands were Ignat and his two brothers, Yermolai and Stephan. After a stony silence, he recalled, they were sent outside, without their coats, to meditate on the error of their ways underneath the lowered flag. Vermont in November was hardly Siberia, but there was frost on the ground, and they spent an hour shivering and exercising to stay warm. Still, Ignat said, their political exile was a relief from sitting in the auditorium listening to the party line."

As a result of his conservative activism, "Emil Levitin" said he also has received threats from the "town Democrats" that "they will inform my school, naming me and the school correctly."

One wrote: "guess what. you might hide who you are but I know. I will tell everyone. it will eventually reach (my school).not so secret are you now?"

While another sent him an e-mail correctly addressing him by name, saying that for someone so young, "you seem to be very politically involved. YOUR SUPPORTING A MORON WHO HAD WORSE GRADES THAN YOU WILL! ..... im not surprised people hate you. but, i suppose if you were to move to alabama, you would manage"

The Democrats even went so far to create a special website, to "fight me," he said.

However, the anonymous author remained undeterred, saying he is determined to press on so that the "voices of the Republican Party [are] heard and not hiding in the closet."

As of this writing, the local Democrats had apologized to the youngster and the site that was "specially created to fight" him has been terminated.


Massachusetts Democrats have been so enraged by the young patriot's website that after one of them read a message on his board that FrontPage Magazine was going to do a story on him, an impostor called up the boy's house posing as me. A friend of the family told me the imposter -- who never even bothered to interview the boy -- proceeded to berate and terrify the mother, saying that FrontPage was going to reveal the boy's identity and write a negative story about him. Needless to say, the mother was shaken by the thought of having her son's identity revealed and worried about what would happen to the family once word got out about her son's activities.


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